Mühsam, Fritz
Müller, Carl
Müller, Peter Paul
Naske, Edith
Nepo, Ernst
Nieuwenkamp, Wijnand Otto
Oberhuber, Oswald
Oppenheimer, Max
Orlik, Emil
Oudot, Roland
Paar, Ernst
Pajer-Gartegen, Robert
Panigl, Johanna
Panzenberger, Kurt
Parik, Angelika
Penther, Sylvia
Peschka, Anton
Pevetz, Georg
Philippi, Robert
Pick-Morino, Edmund
Pippal, Hans-Robert
Planckh, Viktor
Ploberger, Herbert
Popescu, Ana
Potuznik, Heribert
Prachensky, Wilhelm Nicolaus
Praschl, Stefan
Pregartbauer, Lois
Preuß, H.
Putz, Leo
Rambousek, Jan
Rappaport, Fred
Reichel, Karl Anton
Reinberger, Gertraud
Reiser, Jacob Benjamin
Reismayer-Fritsche, Johanna
Reißberger, Karl
Ress, Paul
Réthi, Lili
Reuss, Albert
Revy, Karl Julius Heinrich
Reyl-Hanisch, Herbert von
Richly, Rudolf
Rieder, Carl
Ritschel, Friedrich
Rogler, Franz
Roller, Alfred
Rossilon, Marius (O'Galop)
Roth, Augustin
Rummel, Adolf
Saatzer, Georg
Sailer, Anton
Salvendy, Frieda
Salzmann, Gottfried
Satzinger, Heinz
Sauer, Josef
Schaefer-Matyi, Helga
Schaffran, Emmerich
Schatz, Otto Rudolf
Schiffer, Anton
Schirrmacher, Fritz
Schmid, Erich
Schmid, Leopold
Schmidtbauer, Paul
Schmitt, Robert
Schmoll von Eisenwerth, Karl
Schnetzer, Josef
Schoemakers, René
Scholz-Hafner, Karoline
Schreyer-Loebl, Greta
Schrom, Ernst
Schulnig, Georg
Schupitta, Horst W.
Schwamberger-Riemer, Maria
Schwarz, Maria
Schwarz-Waldegg, Fritz
Schwetz, Karl
Schütte, Ernst
Schöller, Robert
Sedlacek, Franz
Seibold, Alois Leopold
Seidl, Heimo
Senkinc, Franz
Serient, Hermann
Sigl, Franz
Simm, Franz Xaver

Widder Fine Arts is a family run business in second generation. Since the beginnings, the focus has been on Austrian and German Art from 1900 -1950. The presentation of works by jewish and exiled artists as well as managing estates is a core priority. Monographs on the gallery's represented artists, cooperations with museums as well as loans and sales to these institutions underline the gallery expertise.

Mag. Roland Widder

studied Political Science, History and Communications in Vienna and manages the gallery since 2000.

Mag. Dr. Monika Mlekusch

studied Art History and European Ethnology in Graz, Berlin and Turku. She joined the gallery in 2012.

MMag. Julia Schwaiger

studied Art History and Spanish at the University of Vienna and in Zaragoza. She is part of the Widder Fine Arts team since 2009.

Katharina Dietz, M.A.

Katharina Dietz studied art history as well as classical and christian archeology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany. During an Erasmus semester at the University of Vienna, she discovered her passion for Austrian art of the 19th and early 20th centuries. After completing her studies, she moved to Vienna, where she supports the gallery team since 2019. Her responsibilities include customer care in the office and the show room and at art fairs, as well as administering daily tasks and correspondence. Her passion is working with estates, which allows a broader insight into life and work of an artist.

Ricarda Pfaffenbichler, B.A.

After studying theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna, Ricarda Pfaffenbichler started at Widder Fine Arts in 2019. As a career changer, she contributes her skills from a different perspective and enriches the team with new unconventional perspectives. Ricarda Pfaffenbichler's tasks include managing daily tasks and administration as well as customer care, database entry and correspondence. She is particularly interested in the rediscovered women artists of the interwar period. The questions of artistic representation in competition to photography and film offers an exciting field of discourse for the media scientist.

Dipl. Ing. Ivan Rancic

Graduating from a business engineering school, Ivan Rancic studied Linux Administration and Web Development in Belgrade. After advancing to a Full Stack Web Developer, he moved to Austria in 2011, where he worked as a programmer in various industries. Due to his many years of experience in software programming and design, he is responsible for all IT matters at Widder Fine Arts since 2018 and supports the company in its digitization strategy. Currently Ivan Rancic is launching a new CRM / CMS system that simplifies all relevant work processes at the gallery and brings them together in one application.